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The full natal chart reading is a reading of your sacred mandala of self. This is where the stars were aligned when you were born. It goes over your journey and challenges as well as gifts you may have. It takes me a minimum 10 days to 1 month. I send you a recorded video of your chart along with herbal recommendations based on your chart. Then we schedule an hour long chat where I answer any questions regarding your chart. Please be aware this is divine timing and I go in order of RAceived. 



The progression and transit natal chart readings describe where the planets are currently and where they’re going. You are able to give me dates 5 different years (ie age 30. 45. 59 and etc) to look forward to in the future and read how your chart as progressed. These are great charts to have to look at your year ahead and big changes regarding finances, love, career, and health. You will receive a full recording and we schedule a time after to answer any questions. These charts are divine timing and go in the order RAceived 



The composite charts are a full natal chart reading of two lovers or people to see the compatibility and success of the relationship. These charts are divine timing and go in order of RAceived. You will receive a full recording. 




Evolutionary astrology is the study of ones life purpose. This reading focuses on your souls purpose and the best way to reach success for you personally. A lot of people know what they’re suppose to do but don’t know in which outlet they’re suppose to do it. This reading points you in the right direction for optimal success that can be used infinitely. These readings also focus on financial success!  Please remember these readings are divine timing and you will get your chart in day that paid in the month forward. Give thanks


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