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1 months supply

Comes with 2 teas to be taken daily, my alkaline vegan cookbook and health consultation. Fibroids can be different for everyone but with these teas, consistency, and love we can help keep you from fibroid surgery. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT APPROVED BY THE FDA AND CAN NOT CURE ANY DISEASES


The first tea is the daily vitamin. This tea helps build the body with nutrients and minerals. This tea should be taken first thing in the risings. 


The next tea is for your fibriods. This tea is a bit bitter and strong but will help. Take this tea 2x a day, 2 cups. 


While taking these teas its best to eat healthy preferably alkaline. Alkaline diet is great for healing but should not be permanent. You will RAceive my Alkaline cookbook for recipes ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Alkaline water is also discouraged during this cleanse. Please use spring water or a water filter like Prystine Hydro. 

Fibroid Kit

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