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This tea is for maintenance and upkeep of the womb. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle keeping the womb nourished and strong. Great for women who have recently stopped birth control. This tea also strengthens the uterus which helps women who have recently had a miscarriage, abortion, or preparing to have a baby. You may experience a shorter, lighter, and less painful cycle as the benefits of iron prepare the body for the cleanse. Best results come with consistency. Take this tea daily first thing in the risings. 


This tea is best paired with the Blood Nourisher tea, especially if you are trying to get pregnant. THIS TEA SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN IF YOU ARE PREGNANT. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT APPROVED BY THE FDA AND CAN NOT CURE ANY DISEASES. 

Original Goddess Herbal Remedy

  • red raspberry leaf, red clover blossoms, stinging nettle leaf, yarrow flower

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