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This tea will help relieve endometriosis and bowel endometriosis along with healthy eating. The body has accumulated tissue and is causing pain in the uterus and this tea will help cleanse this tissue out. THIS TEA CAN NOT CURE ANY DISEASES AND IS NOT APPROVED BY THE FDA. This tea must be used consistently and with healthy eating. 


The more consistent you are the better. If you're a meat eater I recommend you taking the Daily vitamin tea paired with this tea. The Daily vitamin tea will help the body maintain while you detox. If the body does not maintain while you detox you could get weak and immune system weakened, making you more susceptible to dis - ease. 


If you are a vegetable eater then you'll want to take the Blood Nourisher tea along with the endometriosis tea. The strong barks will nourish you while you detox. 


Teas are best taken first thing in the risings. 

Endometriosis Tea

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