Sacred Children is a group for parents in any stage of parenthood. Whether you are becoming a parent, currently a parent, or thinking about parenting this group is for you. This is a sacred place to offer alternative healing and advice from infertility to pregnancy to postpartum, and upbringing. The way of the world is uncertain right now. We are here to offer support as a community to give you alternative options and hope. In the future I hope to host events but for now an online community can be a source of connection & healing. 

What can you expect with your Sacred Children Membership:

You will have access to a growing directory of doulas, midwives, postpartum, & breast feeding practitioners and classes currently for the US only. We are working on growing the list to Canada and the UK. If you or someone you know does one of the above please email us to add them to the list. This list will grow as we grow!

First hand knowledge about different topics from our doulas and midwives like vaccines, giving birth, postpartum, herbs, raising an indigo child, environment, resources, and so much more! This will include articles, videos, and lives. We have decided to use the fb group so we can all write our own personal experiences as well and share with others. You will also be able to ask fellow parents, doulas, midwives & herbalist opinions. 

A safe community to share your true thoughts and feelings about parenthood without any judgements. 

Knowledge about your birth rights

Our favourite natural authentic brands 

Discounts on Fertility & Health Astrology Readings 

Discounts on Ancient Herbal Remedies Teas 

The membership group will be subscription based for $11.11 per month 

Please check your spam folder to be redirected to the page as well as access to the birth worker directory