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Astro Hypnotherapy 

This is a limited time offer until I get my license certification in a month. Upon certification I will raise the prices to usual NLP pricing for one on one sessions or you'll be able to sign up for my monthly subscription for audio hypnosis which you can listen to whenever you'd like. NLP hypnosis is using the language of the mind to consistently achieve a specific and desired outcome. Some common topics you'll be able to heal or transform is procrastination, resolving guilt, self esteem, anxiety, confidence, releasing worry, money manifestation, pre or post birth, chronic illnesses, healthy eating habits, body dysmorphia and more! The personal sessions will be catered directly to you while the subscription will be general and usable by everyone! 

For one on one sessions each session needs to be approved by me first. I will only take clients who I feel are ready. The big part of this therapy is CHOICE. So we need to make sure you are fully aligned with what you're asking for. This is what makes the therapy really work is when you truly want what you're asking for. Feel free to email me with any questions

With Gratitude,


What does a session consist of and look like ?

This is a 3 session therapy. The first session we identify the conflict, the second session we release negative emotions and limiting decisions, and the third session is your actual hypnosis. You leave with a personal recording to listen to every night for 30 days. 

The first session is usually about 45 min - 1 hour. In this session you identify the conflict and the root of the conflict. We use a strategy called parts integration to bring your wants and needs in alignment. 

The second session is about 2-4 hours depending on you. You can go at your own speed. We release negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame. Then we release any limiting decisions that have followed. 

The last session is about 45min - 1 hour. In this session we do the hypnosis over zoom but then you also leave with a pre -recorded special Hypnosis specific to you and your needs. In this session for the hypnosis I incorporate blocks that I see from your natal chart and curate it in a way you can learn and heal from

Shop Pay is available 

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