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Heal from your home

Are you consciously aware of changes you need to make but struggle with follow through? 

Do you procrastinate, stall, and hesitate? 

Do you wish you could break a habit in less than a month? 

Do you struggle with seeing yourself in your highest potential? 

Are you ready to make actual changes to your well being?  

Then HYPNOTHERAPY is for YOU! In this subscription you are getting a limited time offer of being a premium subscriber to all my audio hypnotherapy sessions. What this means is you'll be able to listen to the audio whenever you want at any time of day! Some popular audio might be listening to an audio about anxiety right before a big meeting. There will be day time, night time and regular podcast included in the subscription. The day time hypnotherapy sessions wake you back up from a short 30 minute nap and the night time audio you listen while you sleep. 

With Audio hypnotherapy we are rewiring the subconscious while you sleep. We train your brain to redirect debilitating thoughts. So it's not that you won't have certain thoughts anymore but the way you feel about them will change. When your feelings change your beliefs change, capabilities change, behavior change and then environment change. This work does take someone who is willing to change, if you don't really make a conscious effort to change hypnotherapy will not work for you. 

What does this subscription include? 

Day time and Night time audio hypnosis 

Personal inspirational podcast 

Limited time Pre sale price which includes one month free 

Full Moon and NU Moon Collective Hypnosis 

When does the hypnosis begin? 

First drop is October 1st 

What are the topics the first drop will include?

Anxiety, Guilt, Forgiveness, Body dysmorphia, Procrastination, Healthy Eating habits, Gym motivation, Relationship break ups, Imposter syndrome, Manifesting wealth, Building confidence, Insomnia, Focus 

How often will there be new topics? 

New topics will be dropped weekly 

How long does the pre sale price last ? 

The pre-sale price last until I get my license September 27th. Then I will raise the monthly price as I continue to build more audio 

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