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Hair removal for brown girls

It's been 6 months since I've moved to Bali. This whole experience has been very unexpected but yet what I've prayed for. My gemini rising is constantly putting me in the motion of changes, also because I literally have no Earth energy in my chart. When it comes to hair removal I've gone through many phases.

As most of us I began first with shaving. No one ever taught me how to properly shave so I was constantly nicking myself which of course led to scaring. It was painful and embarrassing so I transitioned to using hair removal creams. By the way Im about 19 now so I was still learning that it isn't smart to put chemicals on or near the body and especially near my sacred space. I left the cream on for too long once and burnt my yoni so bad, never again lol. By the time Im 21 Im embarrassed to wear a swimsuit. I had so many scars and I was jus disgusted with myself. I also experienced my first ingrown hair. I had no idea what it was and was in so much pain! Luckily my friend/roommate who was a couple years older than me actually pulled it out for me lol. We're still friends today.

I moved to New York at the tender age of 21 and decided to stop all forms of hair removal on my yoni. I wanted to heal the scaring but also try waxing. After about 5 months I got my first real wax. It was so painful but I loved the results, no scarring and a few ingrown hairs. I found a lady I felt really comfortable with and she helped me try to manage the ingrown hairs. I tried everything for ingrown hairs but nothing really worked that lasted. The best thing that worked for me was alcohol after waxing to close the pores.

Fast forward to now living in Bali. I arrived without having a wax for at least 3 months. I was really worried about getting a wax in Bali, since it's still a third world country. I went to a really nice lady who did strip waxing and she did a great job, but I had a TON of ingrown hairs. They were very deep too, nothing like what i was used to. It took me a while to get them out. So i tried a new place with hard wax but experienced the same results, ingrown hairs. Someone mentioned that I needed to shower more than twice a day bc of the humidity but my skin would become really dry from the water.

For the first time EVER in life I considered laser hair removal, 8,503 miles away from home. I did a lot of research but it still wasn't enough. The first place I went to burned my skin. Although they put numbing cream on me first it was SO PAINFUL. The next couple of days I saw my skin was completely burnt. She also told me to pick some of the hairs out if they came out easily. So I would tweeze out hairs I saw coming back and some ingrowns. After about two weeks though I really enjoyed the results. The hair did not grow back on my bikini line, the burn marks healed and no more ingrown hairs. It felt amazing, but I kept thinking about how painful it was.

I started to do some research about laser hair removal for brown girls. It turns out that the place I got it done at did it completely wrong and there should have been specific lasers for specific skin tones. WOW. About a month and a half later I tried a new spot. This place made you pick from a variety of skin tones which I liked. My technician was VERY kind and there was barely any pain and we didn't use numbing cream. It was almost two completely different experiences. I was so happy with the results and she told me not to shave or tweeze AT ALL. After a couple of weeks I noticed hyper pigmentation on my skin though. This bothered me and worried me at the same time.

A friend of mine told me about another place, third times a charm. This place actually had different lasers! It was so professional and she brushed up on some of the shaving I had missed. It didn't hurt at all and we didn't use numbing cream. There has been no hyper pigmentation or ingrown hairs. It's taken me awhile to get to this point but I'm finally feeling confident about my yoni skin. I felt like this was an important topic to share bc a lot of brown girls scar easily down there. I feel confident in a swimsuit and no longer am worried about hair growth. Even when it grows back its very thin. I don't have any ingrown hairs and but also remember to exfoliate at least twice a week. If I could I would get a yoni facial out here too but thats just not something they offer out here yet.

Something else that used to really work for me is taking a bath with epsom salt and magnesium flakes to bring up some of the ingrown hairs. Unfortunately its so hot and humid in Bali that they were too deep for this technique to work. If you have stubborn hairs on any area I would definitely recommend laser. Your yoni deserves to feel her best, yes, but also look her best. 

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