Herbalist Alchemy Training

Welcome to your 6 week Herbalist Alchemy Training. This training will be facilitated on teachable and can go at your own pace if you prefer. All videos & content will be dropped weekly on teachable. It's ok if you are a beginner or intermediate learner. What I've noticed is, if you are intermediate you probably will be new to the information I'll be sharing. This course is special because it's not just about learning specific herbs and what they do. We will be learning the different herbal properties and how they react together and in the body. What most people don't know about herbs is how they react when mixed together and how they assimilate nutrients in the body, this is why my tea's works. We will also be learning about water, healing the metabolism, detoxing from pufa & iron, and so on. We begin September 3rd! Get ready to save the world! 


Who is Imani???


Imani is a self made astrologer and herbalist. She specializes in using Herbs & Astrology to help heal the body. She believes as above so below. Imani grew up in Sacramento California and has always been extremely passionate about health. At age 19 she began her health journey by quitting all substances and stopped eating meat. During this time she was attending Culinary school in San Francisco where she learned how to cook healthy dishes for herself and others; this was the beginning of her story. At age 21 Imani moved to New York city and stopped taking birth control. She wanted to heal her womb after she received an abnormal pap smear result. She started reading books like Sacred woman by Queen Afua and dedicated her life to becoming a vegan and healing. Imani has always done everything to the extreme so not only did she become vegan, she became alkaline vegan. Through this journey she discovered herbs and decided to attend college to learn biology. With the study of herbs and biology she formulated different medicinal tea blends to help heal different parts of her body. Imani had acne, leaky gut, constipation, irregular periods, bloating, overindulgence in drugs and alcohol, and she had weight issues. Her teas healed her and it inspired her to share it with others. Imani has helped countless women heal their wombs from heavy cramps to fibroids. She has written two e books about skin and feminine health. She also helps with building the body back to a state of equilibrium, which is why you are all here today.

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