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The Waitlist is filling up!

Over 500+ Women healed

Over 50 pregnancies supported

and thousands of monthly, pain free periods!


Riddle me this....

If you could have the best natural body of your life, would you?
If you could be healthy in a way that lets you still eat and do what you want, would you?


Be honest

Have you become stuck in a never ending cycle, constantly feeling unsatisfied with your body?


If the answer is YES, then you should know it’s time for that cycle to end!  My company can offer you the growth you desire.

Such as individualized custom tools and healing support for women to naturally improve their hormone balance. In addition lose weight, relieve symptoms, and be the version of YOU that you want to be.

Growth is only possible by completing a cycle. I’m ready to work with you level by level to see your dream body all the way through to the end.

Can you picture yourself celebrating your health accomplishments? YES! You can! I’m going to help you see what completion feels like.

Your goals don’t have to look like mine or anyone else’s. You might just want to lose weight, or get rid of a cyst, or hormonal balance, fertility, period pain, or maybe you just want to eat whatever you want without a stomach ache. However it looks, you can have it. 


1:1 Health Coaching is available starting 2023

Coaching is the process of empowered action led by YOU.
I will work beside you as you strengthen yourself through the completion of new cycles. 

- This is a 4 month process where we meet for a total of 16 sessions.

In these sessions we discover the compromise between what you love to do and eat with what you will need to do to see results.

- I will be elucidating skills, tools, ideas, and wisdom with you through the process to help you develop lifetime habits. 

- We will utilize blood work and medical work from your doctor in addition to holistic practices. 

Imansss Health Coaching Includes :



 Fitness tracking to monitor your sleep, stress, and metabolism so I can keep track of progress on the days we don't meet ($400 VALUE)

Hormone Lab Testing ($600 VALUE)

Herbal blends made specifically for your ailment ($400 VALUE)

My 16-week commitment to intimate sessions with you as your personal health coach + academic research for your specific needs ($8000 VALUE)


Human Design is the study of human energetics. This science discerns your most ideal way to make decisions and correctly use your energy in life.

I will be using your human design to ensure you’re eating, living, and having fun according to your unique design type.

This coaching add-on would normally be a $1700 value, but I want to honor my unique design type and give it to my clients from love and without charge.

TOTAL VALUE : $11,000  

Imansss VALUE: $8000 

~ Payment plans available ~

Get to Know Imani


As a Womb and Menstrual Specialist I have been researching holistic health for women since 2012 when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It was something I avoided until my doctor insisted I had to have surgery. I had a history of horrible painful cramps due to being on birth control from age 15 and developing mild endometriosis. I decided to take matters into my own hands because I was terrified of surgery. I knew it was possible to heal myself because when I was 12 years old,  Dr. Sebi healed by great Aunt from Stage 4 Breast Cancer. After a lot of trial and error, trying many different techniques, I created the Goddess Tea in 2016. This tea was never meant to turn into a business. It was just a personal option to help restore my health, and thats exactly what it did. I did a complete diet change, took my teas and sea moss, and reduced my toxic load. I went to the extreme and it worked!  Something you won't have to do because I found an easier way. I went back for a pap smear and the cervical cancer was gone! She was so surprised she asked me what I did. Other things that healed were my period, my weight, my skin, and my anemia.

My Clients Say

"Since late last year, I was dealing with extremely heavy periods and painful cramps (cramps that had me doubled over in the shower and kept me up at night). I was even in pain when I wasn't on my period. I was also struggling with digestive issues, insomnia, extreme fatigue, etc. I was in pain every single day. I was starting to think that I would need to deal with this for the rest of my life. I love how hands-on Imani is. I really looked forward to our Zoom sessions each week. I felt so supported. The most important lesson I learnt over the past few weeks is that healing isn't linear; it's like waves. I'll eat properly and feel amazing one day and the next I might eat something that doesn't agree with me and feel sick. I am learning to give myself grace.I'm grateful for Imani - her wisdom, her support, her kindness."



  • Please make sure to add your email to receive your documents upon signing up as well as to make your appointment for our discovery call. The waitlist is to set up a discovery call with a health consultation and prospective client questionnaire to see if we'd be a good fit for each other.
  • The call will be one hour long where we discuss where you are now in your health journey and your goals. This call is important for me to get to know you, offer tips you can implement now, and to see if we're an energetic match.
  • Feel free to email me at any time with any questions at or DM me on Instagram @Imansss

I have assisted thousands of women in getting pregnant, achieving pain-free cycles, and bringing their ideal bodies to life.

Residing in NY, I create exclusive teas for hormone regulation and spend my days meeting with my clients. 

I am a certified womb health coach from the Integrative Women's Health Institute, certified Herbalist and HD health analysts. 

My healing process was developed over time with training, experience, and a commitment to a speciality of practices.

I believe women can be trusted with their own healthcare decisions. 

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