A full Astrology report with evolutionary astrology, transit, progression, and remedies for your Natal Chart $500

Evolutionary astrology is the study of ones life purpose. This reading focuses on your souls purpose and the best way to reach success for you personally. A lot of people know what they’re suppose to do but don’t know in which outlet they’re suppose to do it. This reading points you in the right direction for optimal success that can be used infinitely. These readings also focus on financial success!  Please remember these readings are divine timing and you will get your chart in day that paid in the month forward. Give thanks

Progressions and Transits show where the planets are currently and how they affect you now. This reading shows the strongest transits and the weakest. Progressions show you how the planets have progressed now. You can pick up to 5 dates in the future and see how your planets have progressed 


Remedies include financial blessings, paying off karmic debt, and other tips to guide you and help you through challenges. They also help you with your hidden talents to be able to expand upon what you're already doing in a progressive way.