Learn how to read your Astro Chart

I’m soul excited to start this NU journey with you all on Monday February 15, 2021 at 8:30pm EST. This will be an introductory class on zoom. During this course we will meet 2x a week 3-5 hours and one time a week for 2 hours for discussion. Everything will be recorded and sent to your email for you to watch later. We will pick the best days of the week depending on everyone in the course.


You will have homework! Please prepare to treat this as a real course. Every lecture comes with slides for proper studying. There is a list of recommended books but they are not mandatory.


This class begins with the basics like planets, houses, degrees, and how they all work together and then the all about aspects course. We test once a month. 



Astrology Map

All About Aspects 

This is a separate course for those who already know an intermediate level of astrology. We will be discussing how to read all aspects like conjunction, trine, opposition, square, sextile and including difficult aspects like sesiquadrate, in conjunction, biquintile and etc. We will also go over aspect configurations like yods, stellium, T square and grand trines.This is a one time payment for a two month commitment.  You receive all recorded class plus slides to study and take further notes 

$333 one time payment 

Zodiac Chart

Transits & Predictions 

This class is all about transits, predictions and how to read them in the Astrology chart. You must know basic astrology and aspects before taking this course. We meet 2x a week every Monday and Wednesday evenings. Every class is recorded and sent. Learn how to predict and prepare for your future as well as help others. 

$333 one time payment